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Landscape Services

Design / Planning

ArborTech Tree Care will construct, design, and plan a completely new look for your commercial or residential property. Let our professionals help make your landscape healthier, stronger, and more inviting. We have the experience to choose the proper placement and location of your plants, trees, and shrubs for optimal growth.


Our landscape team will recommend the best trees, flowers, and/or shrubs for the property. We can also obtain the plant that you wish to have in the landscape.

Irrigation / Sprinklers

Professionally designed and installed for your yard. Sprinklers help to maintain your home’s landscape. Sprinkles saves time, water, and money! Arbortech will design the correct system for your specific irrigation needs.


A beautiful backyard begins with the lawn. Let us help you improve your property by professionally installing a high-quality lawn.

Synthetic Turf

This is an excellent way to help your landscape look well maintained. Having synthetic turf has its benefits you can save lots of money and water

Fire Clearance / Weed Abatement

Dead weeds are an extreme fire danger as they allow wildfires to spread more rapidly. It is a must to remove all dying trees, branches and shrubs or other plants adjacent to or overhanging buildings. At Arbortech we help remove and make your landscape look better and healthier.

Erosion Control

Erosion is the process that happens when the surface of the earth wears down. Fires and heavy rains often cause soil erosion in California. Erosion can make your property unattractive and dangerous. Plants, retaining walls, and mulch is a great way to prevent erosion from expanding in your property. Arbortech’s professional erosion control services will help preserve your landscape.